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About Us

Are you frustrated with camera's failing on you or working with out-dated, entry-level and  economy-class systems to monitor your property? In a world encased in rich technology, it's important to partner with a security company that helps educate you on what's new, emerging and what's most valuable to help you protect the properties, possessions and people you care about most. Criminals and people will ill-intent are continually learning and strategizing how best to overcome obstacles you put in place to get what they want most. A common theme with many people we've encountered is that they forget to advance with the times and end up suffering heavy consequences and regret as a result. 

Why wait for something to happen? Rather than falling victim and leaving yourself vulnerable to costly damage, theft and vandalism, be proactive and let's use current technology to our advantage. let's make sure you are secured right the first time! 

TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES has decades of experience in the Security, Telecommunications and low voltage systems industry. Our team’s experience includes managing and commissioning Security and Telecom installations from single family dwellings to large scale multi-phase construction to industrial, corporate, and businesses of all sizes.

We offer the best security systems to meet your needs by using industry-leading and tested technology so that you feel confident, relaxed and secure knowing your valuables are safe. We customize and tailor each solution based on individual situations so you will not be offered a simple "cookie-cutter" approach. 

We offer extensive expertise in installing and servicing systems including:

  • Access Control
  • Intercoms
  • Video Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Intrusion/Alarm systems
  • 24/7 ULC monitoring for security systems, Access Control and CCTV
  • Residential/Commercial Automation
  • Audio and video solutions
  • Telephone/Data/TV structured cabling

We can help you plan and manage your Security and Telecommunications projects from the design phase, right through to project completion.

Our experience is complemented by our dedication.  We provide superior service from the simplest installation, to the most complex project. We pride ourselves on working with our clients from local to global locations whenever or wherever required.

We welcome you to contact us today, and look forward to working with you.

Stay one step ahead of disaster with our alarm and monitoring systems

When disaster strikes, you need to be one step ahead. That’s where a TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES system keeps you. With our state of the art alarm, access control, enterphone/intercom and video surveillance systems and monitoring, our security systems make sure your facility gets the appropriate response team dispatched immediately.

Our experienced and well trained security professionals will evaluate your site and identify possible sources of threats.  We then monitor your property smarter and locate potential threats more efficiently. Combined with smart alarm placement, access control, advanced video surveillance and technology, TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES provides your facility with a comprehensive coverage that you can depend on to keep your property safe and secure at all times.

A few more aspects you’ll receive with a TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES security system:

  • Fire, water and related damage monitoring systems
  • Standard and ULC certified installations and monitoring services
  • Dynamic and comprehensive systems tailored to your exact property
  • Fully integrated systems that complement and assist a security response team
  • Live monitoring and streaming video feeds
  • Structured cabling and secure wireless networks ensure data integrity throughout your property

TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES, Fully scalable systems that grow as your organization grows

Service Area

You cannot find your area? Please get in touch with us and you will find out more about the global area that we are servicing.

Servicing Canada, United States, and globally. Head Office located in Vancouver, BC Canada.