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Cannabis Security Solutions For Medical Marijuana And Dispensaries

TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES specializes in high level security for commercial Medical Marijuana and Cannabis facilities locally and globally to ensure they meet or surpass Medical Marijuana Regulations. Locally, we specialize in the licensing process for Clients to meet and exceed expectations outlined in Health Canada's Guidelines for Licensed Producers (LPs) Security Guidelines. We take special care to follow, guide and navigate you through the steps laid out in the Health Canada regulations or your regulatory agencies and we guarantee our work. Whether you are building a brand new site, retrofitting an existing building or opening up a store front, our attention to detail will assure you meet the requirements every time, and make sure your business is utilizing the latest in security technologies.

By using industry-leading, true HD 1080P camera technology that captures at 30 frames per second, we ensure that any areas that contain marijuana, or will in the future, are properly covered and monitored in a highly secure manner. We also have cameras that operate at 60 frames per second if required. The video analytics offered in this camera technology also offers greater peace of mind through the tracking of any staff and after hours activities on the premises. Additionally, our systems include local and remote management and video-verified alerts for greater ease in user ability. 

We design and install complete intrusion, access control and video surveillance systems to control and monitor entire premises where the controlled substance is to be produced, packaged, stored and shipped from as required by Health Canada's Physical Security Requirements For Controlled Substances and the ACMPR

Additionally, where legal, we work with producers from the production through to the brick and mortar store front locations ensuring that the process for your security systems as detailed above are to or above required guidelines.

The Process

1. Initial Free Consultation

First we do a no obligation consultation with you where, a soft review of your requirements and/or specifications is discussed and planned out. This is the basis for selection of products, and the necessary field equipment best suited to your application.

2. Non-Disclosure and Standard Services Agreement

The next step is we sign NDA’s and a Standard Services Agreement between everyone involved to protect ours and your information as well as project details. Once we have the required paper work filled out we then work with you to start laying out the required shop drawings and everything else that is covered in the following step; established and streamlined.

3. Proposal

The proposal process starts with a supplied shop drawing package of the indented site so we can prepare them to indicate wiring and installation details, prepare cut sheets, device locations, door details, and wire coding and component layout, fully detailed scope of work, maintenance information, operation manuals and verification sheets. Once all the initial preparation work is completed, we sit down with you to review a soft proposal and discuss the size, scale and scope of your project. Once the review and discussion is completed, a final security proposal is produced and delivered to you to be submitted with your application.

4. System implementation and Handover

Once the designed project is approved and the installation agreement authorized, project installed, programmed and tested by TRI WEST staff, a site walk through and training is provided to you and your required staff for various levels of responsibility including; guards, data entry, and system management. A full warranty and service response commitment agreement is implemented for ongoing support as required by Health Canada to ensure the ongoing operation of the entire security system from the Access Control to Megapixel Video Surveillance to the ULC intrusion system.

5. Continued Support

We will always be there to work with you from the design phase (when the regulator bodies are coming back with questions or requiring more information on your physical security proposal), to making sure that everything works as smoothly as possible between suppliers (once the project is approved to be installed), other contractors and you.

We make sure you and your staff are completely comfortable with the entire system and the responsibilities required by key staff members on your team. Regardless of the phase of the project, from the initial starting line all the way to the far end of years after the project has been completed and operational, WE are always there to answer all questions - and support you.

Once the project is completed and we hand over the day-to-day operations, we will always be there to work with you.  Part of our integral role is through our full coverage maintenance program.  It is offered in accordance with the governing bodies and our commitment to assuring the security system installed at your site, remains in operation today, and for years to come.

Our above full ‘a la carte’ process and system helps all our clients save time and money by designing the system right the first time and working with all agencies to make sure our proposals are to their current and always evolving standards. Contact us today to begin working with us on your project – Let us take care of your security from concept to completion so you can focus on what is important to you, your business.

Service Area

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