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Food Industry / Restaurants

Threats to your business are constant – and so is the protection you receive with TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES.  Kitchen fires, water damage to stored food products, power outages, theft of a cash register, employee theft… these are all hazards you, as a restaurant owner, manager, or other food and beverage related business, come face to face with, every day.  TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES security systems are not only built with your specific industry in mind, we design your system from the ground up, to address, monitor, and protect. No matter your size or situation, TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES security systems are seamlessly integrated, not only with your restaurant or food industry business, but with each and every component.  This means that all aspects of a TRI WEST system is built to work better together.

Some more features of a TRI WEST security system for restaurants and food industry companies:

  • Hosted and managed access Control Systems, Advanced intrusion and ULC systems to let you know who is on your property – when they should be, and when they shouldn’t.
  • Video verified and advanced video analytical systems – so you can have eyes on your property at all times, at home or on the road. And when you’re not watching your property, our dedicated team of security professionals and remote video guarding systems are.
  • Advanced alarm systems – from fire and water damage, to temperature variations, carbon dioxide, theft, or vandalism… our alarm systems will keep your property under constant watch and out of danger.
  • Advanced video analytics for all markets for monitoring visitor movements, marketing effectives, POS locations, heat mapping, and much more

For the ultimate in security technology and monitoring systems, TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES keeps you one step ahead of danger, every time.

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