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From Seed To Success!

Feeling frustrated about how to meet the security expectations laid out in the new regulations?

Has your application already been denied as a result of  not meeting the

requirements laid out  by Health Canada? 

Rest-assured, you are not alone! 

According to Visual Capitalist.com, there are currently only 31 fully licensed Medical Marijuana  and Cannabis Oil Producers and 50,000 registered patients across Canada. There have been many investments lost due to being under prepared for what the expectations are for a high-level security system that will protect your MMPR Project. We believe in partnering with the whole process. We are there from the initial seed idea and we guide you throughout the entire planning, design and implementation process, as well as providing you with the ongoing support you will need.

The security surveillance systems we offer give a penitentiary-like feel in the way that everyone and every movement is tracked inside the facilities and documented. We integrate the latest 256-bit encryption Mifare Technology and  industry-leading high definition analytical video cameras that capture true 1080P at 30 frames per second, as well as thermal cameras and other specialty items as required. You'll notice crystal clear images which offer less false alarms, since they can accurately detect what's happening around them, and  you can issue pre-determined "rules" that virtually barricade specific areas that should not be disturbed. When they are breached, a video alert is triggered for immediate action. We secure the perimeter of the facilities, using these powerful analytical cameras, in a similar manner and have a variety of specific tactics that will most certainly keep undesirables second guessing stepping foot onto your property.

Additionally we have a Operations Center with trained staff that are available to monitor your facilities 24/7. We offer pre-scheduled Remote Guard Tours in addition to having physical security personnel patrolling the site. Our security plan is one where everything is integrated by working synergistically to give you the most successful application process possible. 

You CAN meet and exceed expectations the first time!

Call us today to schedule an Executive Briefing with Tri West Technologies and Benchmark Labs so we can help bring your Seed to Success!