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Government Services

As a government or institution, your enterprise faces many security risks. Large-scale organizations are often the target for information and physical property attacks on several fronts. Many individuals and businesses also depend on the services you provide day-to-day. Whether a Government site, College/University site, Airport, or other critical site; when facing a physical threat, fire, water, or other natural disaster, it’s imperative that your organization mitigates or prevents damage so you can have little to no down time and continue servicing your customers and community.

That’s where TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES comes in. We have the systems, the professional expertise, and the industry knowledge to make sure you’re protected around the clock, so you can stay one step ahead of danger or damage at all times.


Intrusion detection and advanced security systems for your facility

Unauthorized access into secured facilities pose a serious threat in today’s world: a security breach of your physical sites, personal physical information or other physical forms of property could cost you millions in damages, as well as possibly loss of public trust and tarnished reputations.

At TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES, we stop unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your facility, through multiple methods:

  • Alarmed access points – know when you’re being accessed
  • Video surveillance – make sure you know who is attempting entry into your facility
  • Access control – employs advanced recognition and biometric technology to keep your facility secure
  • Enterphone/intercom systems – for ease of entry for those that are permitted on your property

Our experienced security specialists will work with you to design a system that’s based on your unique needs to create a more comprehensive security solution. We strive to understand your organization requirements, and we recognize that a security system is far from “one size fits all”. 

What’s more, all integrated and standalone security systems from TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES for secure and high risk facilities such as government and institutional buildings/sites are designed from the ground up to be a scalable, comprehensive and integrated system, where all components work together seamlessly, for the ultimate in protection with the latest in industry tested and proven technologies.

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