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Manufacturing / Warehouses / Transportation & Logistics

By the very nature of the manufacturing, warehouse, transportation or logistics industry, the very value of your business lies in being responsible for a great deal of products and staff. Whether you’re shipping, making, or storing for others, it’s your responsibility to keep the products, as well as your employees, safe.

That’s where TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES comes in. Our comprehensive security systems work around the clock to ensure any danger is monitored and mitigated before it becomes a problem. Each TRI WEST system is built with the consumer in mind, to address each property and business’s unique risk profile. Our designers will consult with you while working together, to build a system that’s completely tailored to your business.

TRI WEST TECHNOLOGIES features the following systems for manufacturing, warehouses, transportation, and logisitics:

  • Advanced video surveillance monitoring – know what’s going on in all areas of your warehouse, plant or logistics office, at home or on the road. And when you’re not watching, our hosted and managed video monitoring systems are.
  • Smart alarm systems – smart integration of alarm systems will let you know of any danger and our dedicated team of security professionals can contact the right response to deal with the issue, before it becomes a problem.
  • Intrusion detection and enterphone/intercom systems – keep those that aren’t authorized out, while still making it easy for those that are allowed on your property.
  • Video analytical systems – for knowing exactly why that alarm was set off.

What’s more, each of our security components are designed to seamlessly integrate, providing a total, comprehensive security system utilizing the latest in industry proven technologies.

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