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Residential Services

We understand that keeping your loved ones and valuables safe in this day and age is of paramount concern and of the highest priority. With many deadly and alarming incidents headlining newspapers recently about property crimes, break-ins, and home invasions, it's imperative that we take extra special precautions to secure our homes and families. We strive to help make this process as easy as possible by keeping you informed about what the latest technology is available and how it can help secure your home while you're home or away at all times. 

We offer home intrusion, video surveillance, home control and automation solutions that are capable of running from one single platform and centrally managed system so that you only have to check one application to access all components.

Should you opt to include video surveillance, this system allows for video-verified notification, remote viewing via any internet accessible mobile or standalone device, and remote video monitoring to work along with your intrusion system. We use High-Definition 1080P video cameras that capture at 30 fps so that you will get a higher quality resolution for sharper imagery and fewer false alarms. These cameras also offer built in infrared capabilities so they capture clearer images in low to no light situations as well. 


Specialty Services

Some great considerations some of our valued customers have chosen include;

  • Remotely adjusting the lighting and temperature of your home from anywhere
  • Flood sensors to monitor water tanks and potential water risk areas
  • Monitor your liquor cabinets, safes and valuables
  • Remotely manage and use smart locks for home
  • Secured gating options
  • Remote video management and monitoring with our 24/7 Operations Center

Stay safe and in control no matter where you are! Call us today for your complimentary home assessment!

Service Area

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