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Who's Out There?

An agonizing scream pierces the sweet silence of the night, jolting me awake. Rattled and shaken, I stumble to my window and peek cautiously through the corner of my blinds to scan for the source of that horrific sound. Silence hushes the darkened landscape. My gaze sharpens as I try to make out familiar shadowed shapes in my yard when I notice that my gate is slightly ajar.

My mouth dries as my heart thuds wildly in my chest…. it’s supposed to be locked! Why is it open?    Darting my eyes around my yard I didn’t notice anything unusual, the forested area on the other side of my gated yard seemed eerily quiet too. Worried about our safety, I raced past my daughter’s room and checked on her before creeping downstairs to make sure my doors were still locked. Relieved, but still shaken, I wandered back up to bed. I had a hard time sleeping though because I was STILL thinking about my gate being open, leaving us vulnerable. After all, we don’t live in the best area of town.  I wish I knew what happened. I hope whomever or whatever made that sound is okay…

Far too often we lay awake at night wishing that we had taken better precautions in keeping our families and ourselves safe. By the time we recognize that this is a problem, it’s usually too late. We’re left victimized and vulnerable to thieves and harm simply because we didn’t secure our homes or property properly.


Why wait for something to happen?

For less than $1/day, you could have your home fully secured with the latest in security technology and have access to it remotely 24/7. For a little bit more, you could have the option of adding video and remote management to time receive video-verified responses that prioritize your incident with the Police for a more urgent response.

Worry Less, Stress Less and Secure with the best!


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