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Our society is surrounded by terror. We are left exposed and vulnerable to gang wars and to physical assaults at our universities and parks. It didn’t seem so violent when I grew up. I remember vividly being able to roam the streets at my leisure as an older child so long as I was back before it got dark outside, but those days have long passed. I try not to worry about the thought of my child going to school and possibly getting bullied or attacked. I just want to know that when I leave her for the day, that she will be safe and happy, and unfortunately this is not something that’s guaranteed. In the news we hear of shootings in major retail stores, in schools, in nightclubs, in restaurants and on our streets in broad daylight, is there nowhere that is safe?

Times really have changed.

Security, more than ever, is a necessity. When I’m at home, I feel safe. I can lock my doors and windows to safeguard my family from harm but it doesn’t stop there though. Having high quality video surveillance with an integrated security alarm system in place is truly valuable. Have you considered how much more would you be able to concentrate at work if you could securely log into an app on your phone to confirm your children made it home from school or work safely? How handy would it be to know if your crafty teenager is breaking into the liquor cabinet or sliding out the window at 3am? If someone broke into your home while everyone was away, would it be helpful to video-verify the person in your home and have the ability, in real-time, to narrate what they are doing to the police in order to get a faster response time? Would it be beneficial evidence to help move forward a conviction if needed? Of course it would!

The key to peace of mind is really simple folks; it just involves a little foresight and a quick phone call. While we might have little to no control over what happens on our streets, we do have more control over how to protect ourselves and our families at home.

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